All details concerning the different disciplines have been ratified by the IFSC and must be respected during international climbing competitions.



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The aim is to go as high as possible on a 15m wall. Climbers have a limited amount of time (6 minutes in qualifications and 8 minutes for semi-finals and finals) for their attempt. In semi-finals and finals, the climbers have no prior knowledge of the route (they are said to climb ‘on sight’). They do not see the previous climbers’ attempts (unlike in qualifications) but there is a collective observation time (6 minutes).

Male and female climbers have different routes.

Handholds can be:

  • Controlled and stable: the height is recorded by way of the last controlled hold
  • Used: the climber has controlled the hold and begun to move towards the next hold (in which case the height will be recorded with a “+")

Competition organisation

2 qualifying pools, split according to international rankings over 2 routes: the 13 best climbers from each pool qualify
1 semi-final route the 8 best climbers qualify
1 final route
The routes are modified between each round


This is dictated by the height achieved by the climber.