D4: The new king of speed climbing is Polish!

At the end of some high quality speed climbing finals, Marcin Dzienski (POL) confirms that he is this year the fastest climber in the world.

The top athletes pass the easly through the 1/8 of finals. No drama on the first runs. Everybody stands in front of the wall for the ¼ of finals.

The big guns made mistakes. For Libor Hroza (CZE) and Danyil Boldyrev (UKR), the second run took a bad turn. The Ukrainian felt (8th). The Czech made a mistake (7th).

The last 4 were strong. Bassa Mawen (FRA) against Marcin Dzienski (POL). Reza Alipourshenazandifar (IRI) against Aleksandr Shikov (RUS). The French climber falls and let the Polish climber take the ticket for the final run. The big Iranian fights strong against the Russian and finally beats him, for on hundredth of a second.

Shikov in bronze, Mawem on the ground. Bassa Mawem won't take a medal in front of his crowd. Very tough to handle for the French climber: he makes a mistake at the beginning of the route during the little final and the Russian go for the bronze.

In the main final, the best took the win. 5'83, best performance of the competition. The Iranian can scream all day long if he wants, Marcin Dzienski, the leader of the World Cup, is this year the fastest climber in the world.

The complete results.



As we said, it's a big deception for Bassa Mawem. As for Quentin Nambot – the other French climber of this final round – he lost against his fellow countryman on the first run.