D3: women lead semi-final: a very strong top 4

They are not 3 anymore but 4 to grasp the spectators’ attention during the women lead competition. Let’s have a look at the semi-final that treated well its favorites. 

D3: Paraclimbing finals: 7 new world champions tonight

7 new athletes became world champions tonight. And we also saw seven stories written in front of our eyes.

D3: Speed qualifications

The “big guns” are here!

D2: Women’s bouldering qualifications

The Japanese climbers made a strong impression today. The French girls are just behind. Let’s look back at this first bouldering round, without any big surprise.

D2: The paraclimbing qualifications

2nd day of qualifications and 2nd route for the paraclimbing categories this morning!

D2: Men’s lead qualifications

You could feel the tension behind the lead wall.