D4: The new king of speed climbing is Polish!

Marcin Dzienski (POL) confirms that he is this year the fastest climber in the world.

D4: The men boulder final… problem after problem

A breathtaking final! The 2016 World Champion Tomoa Narasaki got the title at the very end of the competition. Let’s have a look back at this circuit high in intensity.

D4: Paraclimbing final: “When the crowd remained silent”

Emotions during the B1 paraclimbing competition!

D4: Women bouldering semi-final: the winning Japanese climbers, the best ones ready!

The bouldering semi-finals are one day after the other but quite different. 

D4: Men lead semi-final: leaders at the top

Adam Ondra (CZE) and Domen Skofic (SLO) easily overcome the men lead semi-final. Just next to them, two French climbers are still in the race.

D3: Boulder semi-finals: France at the summit!

The French bouldering team gets 3 climbers in final of the bouldering World Championships!