100-day before the start of the Climbing World Championships 2016!

You have 100 days left. 100 days to familiarize yourself with sport climbing...

Why are the 2016 World Climbing Championships taking place in Paris?

After the European Championships in 2008 and the World Championships in 2012,...

Protocole Chamonix

The international climbing season: what happened in 2015?

Let’s look back at the highlights of 2015!

Demo time for the Climbing World Championships

The FFME and the French climbing teams met with the media in order to introduce them with the climbing key event of the year.

On the road to Bercy: Gautier Supper

What would be successful World Championships for Gautier Supper, one of the main climbers of the lead French Team? 

Y&Y becomes official supplier of the 2016 IFSC World Climbing Championships

The belay glasses company is going to supply the belayers of the climbing worldwide summit of the year.